It's that time of the week again! Weve yet again, explored the deepest recesses of the Internet to find the latest protective accessories for your favourite tablet.

(Image Caption: ACase's F1)

ACase: The F1 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; 40) is a leather portfolio designed to prop up your iPad for typing or viewing in landscape orientation. Its key feature is simplicity: The case doesn't need any straps or rest pads; it can instead stand up on itself thanks to its clever construction.

(Image Caption: One of iGear Unlimited's custom skins)

iGear Unlimited: The company's custom skins (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $30) are made of sturdy vinyl that can be printed with a pattern or photo of your choosing. An online editor makes it easy to center and align your design so that it matches the iPad's contours perfectly, and iGear will even thrown in a complimentary skin for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The heavy-duty vinyl that makes up the skin is covered with a laminated layer of TuffSkin for maximum protection.

(Image Caption: i-Luv's Snoopy Folio)

i-Luv: The Snoopy Folio (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $60) is a folio-style case that, in addition to protecting your tablet from scratches and bumps, can be propped up for viewing at several landscape- and portrait-orientation angles. Best of all, it features one of your favourite Peanuts characters, Snoopy, immortalized in three colorful designs. And now, if you'll excuse me, my Sopwith Camel awaits while I prepare for another battle against the infamous Red Baron.

(Image Caption: Rolling Avenue's iCircle)

Rolling Avenue: The iCircle (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $70) is a clever, snap-on shell case that features a central opening around the tablets Apple logo on the back. Inside the opening is a special ring that can be pulled out and used as a kickstand for viewing the iPad in both landscape and portrait orientations. The opening also doubles as a convenient grip point for using your tablet one-handed. The iCircle comes in black or white, weighs less than six ounces, and is compatible with Apple's Smart Cover.

(Image Caption: Sena Cases' Magia Zip)

Sena Cases: The Magia Zip (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $120) is designed for the professional on the go. The leather-clad clamshell has enough room for your iPad, several plastic cards, paper documents, business cards, andwell, just about anything you can need while you're on the road. There's also room for a pen, and Sena even throws in a touchscreen stylus. An integrated, recessed stand makes it easy to prop up your tablet for viewing or for presentations, and the case is compatible with Apple's Smart Cover.

(Image Caption: STM's Half Shell)

STM: The Half Shell (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $35) is a snap-on shell made of polycarbonate and aluminium, designed to protect the back of your iPad from bumps and dents while also keeping it cooler by doubling as a heat sink. The microsuede interior also helps prevent scratches, and the case, which is available in black or white, is designed to be compatible with Apple's own Smart Cover for full-body protection.

(Image Caption: Tabu Products' Poüch)

Tabu Products: The Poüch (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $40) is made of memory-form material and designed to keep your iPad safe alongside all your accessories. Its magnetic closure keeps your table safe for transport but easy to reach when you want to use it. The front zippered pocket is made of translucid plastic that also helps keep water from reaching your electronics.

(Image Caption: ZooGue's Microfiber iPad Sleeve)

ZooGue: The Microfiber iPad Sleeve (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $40) is made of microfiber cloth designed to provide a comfortable and smooth carrying case for your iPad;it even includes an interior sleeve where you can store documents, a cable, or another accessory. Designed to work alongside Apple's Smart Cover or Smart Case (or equivalent protective accessory), the Microfiber iPad Sleeve is available in dark/light blue, black/dark grey, brown/black, brown/cream, dark/light grey, dark/light green, or purple/white.