With the rise of smartphone adaptation, faster processors, bigger, glossier touch screens, and all the apps you can shake a stick at, has come an unfortunate rise in crime. In December, a man on a bus in San Francisco was stabbed in the chest and robbed of his iPhone; last month, a thief shot a Bronx man in the back when he refused to hand his over, and this month has the cops searching for suspects in a string of iPhone robberies along the N-Train in Queens and Manhattan.

So, what's a cautious, tech-loving, smartphone user to do? Well, one option is the recently released SmartGuard: an iPhone case that comes equipped with its own tube of mace. Perhaps the first case to weaponize the popular smartphone, the SmartGuard is made by pepper-spray maker Piexon with the rational that if your pepper-spray is attached to your smartphone, you'll never leave home without it.

For those of you who might feel a bit...wary putting a canister of mace next to your face when you make a call, never fear: the SmartGuard's mace canister is in a locked position while attached to the phone. In fact, in order to use the spray, you'll have to detach the canister from the case, then depress the plunger.

Also, you may want to check with your local law enforcement agency before arming yourself with the mace case; some jurisdictions may have restrictions on who can use mace or pepper spray.

The canister holds about six seconds worth of spray and replacement canisters run about $28 each. The case itself will set you back $55, and comes in black, white and pink.

[Smartguard via Geekosystem]

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