HTC has unveiled a second handset running Google's Android platform, which will be made available in the UK by Vodafone over the coming months.

The HTC Magic follows the T-Mobile G1, the first handset which uses the Google Android platform. Vodafone plans to launch the HTC Magic in the UK and several other European markets over the next few months, the company said. Vodafone did not provide pricing information, nor nail down a specific launch date.

T-Mobile G1 review

Google Android review

HTC has an advantage on most other smartphone developers when it comes to Android because the company worked closely with Google to make the first smartphone based on the new OS and software, the G1.

The HTC Magic runs using the Google Android platform

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The new Android smartphone shares several similarities with the G1, judging by the specifications. The two handsets sport 3.2in touchscreens with 320x480 resolution. They both have 3.2Mp digital cameras and both handle many of the same wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G. The also both use track balls and enter buttons as means of navigation.

The HTC Magic differs mainly in its sleeker design and lack of a Qwerty keypad. The device is smaller and lighter than the G1 despite the same size screen, at 113x55mm, compared to the G1's 117.7x55.7mm. The HTC Magic is thinner at 13.65mm versus 17.1mm thick for the G1, likely due to the lack of the keypad. The Magic is also lighter at 118.5g with the battery, compared to 158g for the G1.

The HTC Magic will be available in white in the UK.

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