Vodafone will start selling the iPhone on Thursday 14 January 2010, joining O2, Orange and Tesco Mobile in selling Apple's popular handset.

Prices start from £30 per month, rising to £75 per month depending on the plan. Full pricing details can be found here.

The £30-a-month deal is billed as 'our lowest cost iPhone plan with unlimited texts,' and is available on a range of deals from £59 for the iPhone 3G 8GB to £239 for the 3GS 32GB smartphone.

"You live for texts and mobile internet, but you like to talk as well. This plan is perfect - and it's just £30 a month, including unlimited texts," Vodafone says.

"You also get a staggering 1GB of data - enough for 10,000 web pages, over 16 hours of streaming video and generally getting the best from your iPhone apps. Want more? There's unlimited Wi-Fi at any BT Openzone hotspot. Perfect for those marathon internet sessions." That compares with the controversial 750MB 'fair use' limit offered by Orange.

On Vodafone, iPhone tethering costs are £5 for 500MB and £15 for 3GB.

Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence said the company had been preparing its network for 12 months and more to handle the introduction of the iPhone.

"We started preparing our network over a year ago so that iPhone customers will really feel the advantage of being with Vodafone," Laurence said.

"We will offer an outstanding iPhone experience wherever our customers live, work and travel, delivering speed and reliability - something our customers have told us they really value."

"We're especially pleased to offer iPhone to business customers from launch, both directly and through a network of 20 dealers across the country - clearly demonstrating that Vodafone is the natural home for small business."

Customers will be able to pre-order their iPhone from today, in-store or online at vodafone.co.uk/iphone.

In October, Vodafone announced that it has signed an agreement to offer the Apple iPhone in both the UK and Irish markets starting in early 2010. This brings to thirteen the number of countries where Vodafone offers the iPhone.

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