Vodafone has launched a dedicated portal for Apple's iPhone, sparking speculation that O2's exclusive contract as Apple's official UK partner may be coming to an end.

Although Vodafone has deals with Apple in other territories, the website content is aimed at a UK audience, with news and features from the BBC, Sky News, Premier League News, Top Gear as well as local travel information including London Underground delays.

iphone vodafone Vodafone states that the app is: "Available to all iPhone users, including non-Vodafone customers". The iPhone app enables you to personalise your interests online by dragging and dropping widgets, saving the results to view on your iPhone.

Vodafone provide a video demo guide to get you started and you can browse recently added and most popular widgets.

Apple is widely expected to launch a new iPhone this summer, and the company may finally realise the benefits of having several mobile partners in major markets including the UK.

Last month O2 insisted it still had exclusivity, along with the Carphone Warehouse, to sell the iPhone despite Play.com selling Sim-free contract free iPhones from £549.99.

Play told gadget website T3 that the Sim-free deal comes backed with a warranty, and is available to use on all networks, rather than being unlocked from a network.

Meanwhile Vodafone is preparing to bring streaming TV services to iPhone users in Portugal with a new 'Vodafone Mobile TV' planned. Developed by WIT Software, the TV-on-the-go service could be rolled out across Europe if it proves a success.