Vodafone is to offer unlimited mobile internet access as part of its monthly price plans for mobile phones.

The service will be automatically added to all new Vodafone mobile phone price plans at no extra cost. Plans are available from £25 per month. Users will be given 500MB per month under a 'fair usage policy' and will be contacted if they exceed this allocation.

Prior to the service being added to price plans, customers had to buy an additional internet bundle for £7.50, which was capped at 120MB per month. Vodafone claims to be the first mobile-phone service provider in the country to offer mobile phone users unlimited internet access for a flat rate, regardless of which handset they own. O2 offers a similar plan but only for its iPhone customers.

According to Al Russell, head of mobile internet and content services at Vodafone, mobile internet access uptake has been hampered by costs and users being unsure of how to work the service.

"A lot of people are worried about how to use the internet on their phones. Our staff will put the phones in their hands and show them how to do it in two minutes. And they do not have to worry about the cost," said Russell.

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