Chiltern Railways has installed self-service scanners to read mobile tickets sent as barcodes to passengers' phones in the second phase of a pilot project.

The train operator is the first in the UK to introduce the mobile phone barcodes as an alternative to paper tickets. The first stage of the ‘E-day’ project, carried out with partners YourRail, Cubic Transportation Systems, Mobiqa and, saw 6,000 mobile tickets sold through the company's website in three months.

In the second phase of the plan, two scanning devices have now been attached to the ticket gates at London’s Marylebone station to allow passengers to scan their own phones and open the gates.

Chiltern Railways commercial director, Neil Micklethwaite, said: "Our mobile phone ticketing pilot has been very successful from a technological point of view, but more importantly, it has proved very popular with our passengers, with over 99 percent telling us they would recommend it to a friend.

"We have listened to our passengers and what they want is a simpler and easier way to purchase tickets for their travel. Mobile phone ticketing means easy purchases, anywhere, any time."

Micklethwaite said the next stage of the project would roll out the mobile phone system to other areas along the train operator's route.

"This new innovation comes in an age when virtually all rail passengers carry mobile phones and growth in both mobile communication and rail transport remains strong," he said.