Two out of three members of the British public are on the wrong mobile contract, a survey said. questioned 1,789 people from across the UK, asking whether or not they thought they were on the correct mobile contract and the reasons why.  From this, they have deduced that 67% of Britons admit to being on the wrong mobile contract for them; these respondents where then asked to share why their current contract wasn’t the right one.  To which 73% replied that they often went over the monthly allowance of minutes or texts and therefore had to pay an additional fee on top of their monthly bill. 

Of the people who regularly went over their monthly allowance the average added bill was £9.82 meaning that nearly half of British mobile users are paying an additional £117 a year which could easily be reduced by simply having a contract more suited to their needs.

People were also asked if they were satisfied with their contract and the service they received from their network provider, 41% answered ‘No’ with the majority of these people (38%) using Orange and 31% using T-Mobile.  Vodafone customers appeared to be the most satisfied – of the unhappy customers of all telcos, only 9% said that they were unhappy with the contract and service Vodafone provides. 

Of all the people asked 74% said that they were planning to change their contract when their upgrade became available.  More than 50% of the respondents stated that they wanted to get more minutes and text messages for their money whilst 26% wanted to downgrade because they weren’t using all of their allotted minutes and messages every month.