More than two in five mobile phone users will consider changing their handset so they can use the range of apps available elsewhere, says

According to research by the comparison website, six percent of all mobile phone owners said the ability to download apps was more important than cost or the text and minute deals when purchasing a mobile phone.

Mobile phone owners want apps on their handsets said the average 'appster' has downloaded nine apps in the past 12 months and spent an average of £9 on them in total.

"The iPhone has led the way in the smartphone market since its launch and the advent of 'apps' has really added fuel to the fire. Apps are already extremely popular but it seems plenty more people will consider switching to a smartphone in order to be part of the latest mobile phenomenon," said James Parker, manager of mobiles at

"It was recently announced that Spotify has launched a service on mobiles to allow users to access their music streaming services. This move is a milestone in the mobile world and it will be interesting to see what other services we see pop up as apps in the next few months."

However, the comparison website said not all mobile phone users were in favour of apps. Nearly a third think apps are gimmicks, while 17 percent said they are for tech geeks.

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