Mac accessory maker Twelve South has introduced the HiRise for iMac, a stand that lets users elevate their desktop Mac monitors to a better viewing level.

The $80 device is designed to support all generations of Mac that have an L-shaped stand, including the largest 27-inch displays on the latest generation of iMacs. The stand itself looks a little bit like an older, metal-shelled hard drive--a reminder of the days when drives and displays were separate components of the same computer.

The inside of the HiRise, though, is a shelf containing six slots, allowing users to slide the iMac stand in at the precise level to provide optimum screen viewing. The remaining space can be used for storage--everything from a backup hard drive or Mac Mini, or an area for more mundane items such as wallet and keys.

HiRise also accommodates Apple-compatible cinema and Thunderbolt displays with L-shaped stands. If you have a Thunderbolt display as a second screen, sliding your iMac into the second HiRise slot will align it exactly with the height of the external monitor, providing a consistently level display sightline along your field of view.

Installation and use of the HiRise is demonstrated in this video. The device is available for immediate shipping.