Bags, sleeves, drives, and docks

Our latest roundup of new gear for your Mac includes new ways of giving your computer an old-school look, an old-school sound, and protection while you're on the road.


The new Boa line of messenger bags comes in three sizes: a $100 model for iPads, a $110 bag for 13-inch MacBooks, and $130 for a messenger bag to carry your 15-inch MacBook. Each is made from a water-repellent nylon fabric, and each comes in a graphite color.

Excel Skin

The $30 Excel Skin is a silicone keyboard cover, color-coded so that users can use their Mac's shortcuts without having to vainly search their memories. It's also handy for protecting your keyboard from dust, water, or anything else that might spill into the cracks.


The $100 Tribute Cloak Backpack has room for your iPad and your 15-inch MacBook Pro, and it includes both an organizer and a rucksack liner for extra security for electronic goods. The pack comes in navy-blue corduroy to add stylishness to its functionality


We don't usually cover Kickstarter projects (or non-U.S. products) in our accessory roundups, but the UK-created MacDock has piled up so much money so quickly--nearly meeting its funding goal with three weeks to go--that it's earn a mention. The MacDock is a hub for all your Apple-based peripherals. Just plug it into your MacBook, and you can instantly connect your iPhone, iPad, an external monitor, and an external hard drive. The deadline for Kickstarter pledges/preorders is April 5.

Meridian Audio

The $299 Explorer replaces your Mac's internal audio circuitry with a USB-powered digital-to-analogue converter to provide you with better sound quality. The Explorer also includes a headphone amplifier and in-unit volume control.

Newer Tech

The $260 MiniStack Max gets its name from the abundance of options and features it offers the Mac mini owner: NewerTech says it's "the only four-in-one external drive, optical drive, SD card reader and USB-powered hub solution on the market."


This accessory maker has unveiled its new Axis sleeves for tablets and laptops, available in a range of pastel colors for each device. STM's website doesn't yet disclose pricing information; you'll have to head into the nearest STM reseller (or your favorite web vendor) to see the product and price.


The $80 BookBook for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is a case that visually transforms your new latop into an elegant, leather-bound, 19th-century encyclopedia volume. That's cool, but it also keeps your gear safe--an ancient book is apparently slightly less of a target for thieves than the top-notch technology that it conceals.


The $60 Dash Icon line of laptop cases has been broadened to include a model for Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro. The cases include textured patterns, bright colors, and "puff prints" that make the case enjoyable to touch. The Dash Icon comes in two main colors: blue or red.