One of the best parts of writing Macworld's weekly case roundups is that I get to see the wide range of products that manufacturers dream up. This week is a perfect example: We've got the whimsical, the practical, and the sheer elegant. Let's dive in!

Ballistic Cases: The LifeStyle ($30) is a hard-shell case made of a transparent plastic material and available in four different color combinations: black and red, blue and red, black and grey, or red and grey. But that's not all—it comes with a series of 10 different “corner bumpers” in a variety of thicknesses and colors that you can use to customize the look (and feel) of your device.

CalypsoCrystal: It's not cheap, but the CalypsoCase ($119) is sure to turn heads with a design that includes the finest leathers, a titanium frame, and silver accents. In addition to looking like it could belong inside James Bond's tux, the CalypsoCase will keep your iPhone free from scratches and bumps thanks to its soft interior. It comes in four different colour combinations: Zurich Night (black and red), Cannes after Cannes (white and black), Marrakesh Spring (orange and black), and Glowing Iceland (purple and red).

Case-Mate: The Realtree Camo ($35 to $40) is a series of 11 camouflage-style designs you can apply to most of Case-Mate's existing case offerings so you can blend in with your surroundings when you're out hunting and get a phone call—in Silent mode, of course. (Though I don't hunt myself, it seems to me that if you use one of these case, you'll want to make sure you don't inadvertently leave your iPhone on the ground, or you may never find it again.)

Crimson: The Aluminum Frame Case ($40) is exactly what it sounds like: A frame beautifully crafted to wrap around the iPhone like a metallic extension of its chassis. Weighing in at only 19 grams—probably less than the change in your pocket—the Aluminum Frame comes in gold, silver, black, blue, grey, or red; the box also includes a set (front and back) of Crimson's anti-fingerprint-film surface protectors.

Grace Digital Audio: The Eco Pod ($50) is the latest entrant in the rugged case category. It completely encases your iPhone in a water-tight enclosure that the company guarantees to float for up to 30 minutes with a standard payload (presumably, “your phone”). The package also includes waterproof earbuds, which plug into the case's waterproof headset jack. While not ideal for your next trip to the mall, the Eco Pod looks great for a trip to the beach (where it will also keep the sand away from your phone) or for any situation where your handset could fall victim to a water hazard.

InCase: The Warhol Collection ($40) takes the company's Snap Case and adds designs inspired by the late pop-art superstar. Available in ten different models (which, sadly, do not include Warhol's iconic Campbell's Soup Cans), the case is built to be lightweight but sturdy, and to protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches.

The Hybrid Cover ($30) is a two-piece cover that combines a silicone-soft top with a hardshell bottom for maximum protection and a superior grip—not to mention a cool matte/gloss look. The case is available in black or in a dark-grey/quarry combination.

The Callet: If a wallet and a phone are too many accessories for you, The Callet ($20) combines the two in a single, handy package that protects your phone while keeping your cards and cash together. Made of a soft silicone material, the Callet is available in pink, blue, and black, and is available in models for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4.