Gadget protection means different things to different people. For some, it's about making a fashion statement; for others, it's about keeping their devices away from sticky hands; and then there are those, like the military, whose jobs necessitate taking the concept of protection to the extreme. You'll be happy to hear that we've got them all covered in this week's iPad case roundup.

CoverBee: This company's collection of iPad sleeves (iPad and iPad 2; $25) includes five different models that manage to be both cute and fashion-conscious. Using a variety of materials and patterns, including polka dots and leopard skin, these made-in-Holland pouches keep your tablet safe while providing a splash of colour and style. The company notes that its products are not compatible with Apple's Smart Cover.

DND Distribution: The iPad is undoubtedly a great travel companion, but even the best Apple technologies aren't designed to withstand extreme elements. DND's iPad cases (iPad and iPad 2; $80 to $400), however, aim to rectify the situation, protecting your tablet from water, dust, wind, vibration, and shock. The low-end version is 100-percent waterproof at depths up to one meter, while the top-of-the-line model is designed to the more-exacting specifications of the US Military. (There are other models in between.) In all cases, you retain full control over your tablet, and you can even plug in headphones to listen to music. The cases are available in black or white.

iBackFlip: Dubbed "the iPad backpack that flips back," the iBackFlip (iPad and iPad 2; $70), from the company of the same name, is a clever enclosure that hangs securely from your shoulder but flips open, allowing you to use the iPad as you walk around, when necessary. The iBackFlip is ideal for situations in which you need quick access to your device but need full use of your hands otherwise. It comes in black, is compatible with the iPad 2's magnetic Sleep/Wake feature, and includes both a pocket for a smartphone and a pouch for cables and other accessories.

Kensington: The SecureBack Security Case (iPad 2; $50) is a case designed with security in mind. It features slots that let you tether your tablet to a stationary object using either a ClickSafe or Kensington Security lock, making it perfect for settings in which the iPad is handled by strangers in an unsupervised environment. The SecureBack, which comes in white, also includes several anti-tamper features that make it difficult for would-be thieves to take flight with your iPad under their arms. For $10 more, the SecureBack Security Case with 2-Way Stand includes, as the name implies, a stand for typing and viewing. Add $20 more to each case and you get a ClickSafe Lock with cable.

Twelve South: The Anna Sui BookBook (iPad; price not yet announced) is an updated version of the company's original BookBook case we reviewed some time ago. Inspired by the work of fashion designer Anna Sui, the case features the same book-binding-like construction and a zippered closure to keep your iPad safe during transport, but adds some designer flair. The company say the case is coming in Sprint 2012; you can sign up to be notified when it's available.

USBFever: The SecurityLocker for iPad 2 (iPad 2; $93) is a clear-plastic case that comes with a lock and a steel cable to secure your iPad and prevent third parties from walking away with it. Like Kensington's SecureBack, the SecurityLocker is designed for situations in which you need to leave your tablet unattended but keep it usable. The SecurityLocker includes a shoulder strap, two lock keys, a folding stand, and a protective screen film.