When it comes to hard drives, cameras and MP3 players, the trend is to go for tiny, thin or both. So far, companies have managed to stay just barely this side of absurd – until now.

A Chinese company has created the Xun Chi 138, which is probably the smallest mobile phone not packaged with a Bratz doll. At under 3in in length, this phone (whose only remarkable extra is a 1.3Mp camera) would easily be lost in the average purse/handbag/pocket/cereal bowl, which explains why a stylus and touch-sensitive screen are necessary to use the thing. I'd also expect a magnifying glass for reading text and tweezers for when you drop the thing in a hard-to-reach spot behind the toaster. It's not a sure thing that there are any plans for a non-Chinese version, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.