Sony CEO Howard Stringer recently sparked speculation that the iPhone 5 will have an 8Mp camera after making some unguarded comments in an interview.

As the cameras on smartphones improve, many gadget fans are dumping their digital camera on a regular basis in favour of the camera included with their handset. But before you think about transferring your digital snaps to your PC to edit and generally have fun with, check out these five apps that will let you edit photos, share them and more, all from your mobile phone.

Photoshop Express

Designed as a companion to free online storage and editing tool (previously known as Photoshop Express), this free app for both Android and iPhones allows users to access their gallery of pics stored online and implement basic edits, as well as uploading and editing photos snapped on their handset.
Price: Free


iPhone users can pick up Diptic from the app store for just £1.19. The app lets users snap image on their smartphone and then combine the results to create a new image. You can choose between different layouts for your image and even add effects, pan or rotate pics and adjust the colour before sharing the finished images over email.
Price: £1.19


FXCamera, which is available from the Android Market for smartphones running Google Android, enables you to add fun effects such as fish-eye or an Andy Warhol style to photos you snap with your camera. Simply select the style you want and then compose and capture your shot. You can then save your results, or share with friends and family on social networks.
Price: Free

iSwap Faces

If you fancy having a bit of fun with your snaps and interchanging faces in your photos, but you're not a Photoshop Wizard, then this is the app for you. In a few simple steps you can conduct your own 'face transplants'. The free version doesn't let you save your finished results, but for £1.19 (the price of the full version) you can not only keep your masterpieces but also share them on Facebook. Android users should try FaceTogl.
Price: Free or £1.19

HP iPrint Photo

Once you're happy with the photos captured on your smartphone, you can print them directly from your handset to one of over 200 compatible models of wireless HP printer using this free app. The app, which is available for iPhone, Android and Symbian-based handsets, also allows users to rotate images with a drag of your finger, pinch to crop, and then print. HP iPrint Photo even automatically discovers and sets up your wireless HP inkjet printer without the need to install drivers or deal with complex network configurations.
Price: Free

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