We've spent hours trawling the web to bring you the five best free open-source BlackBerry applicationss that we know you'll like. With these tools you'll be able to keep passwords secure, a set of tools to give you more control over your BlackBerry's backlight and messaging options, and a GPS location logger for your BlackBerry.

KeePass for BlackBerry - the open-source password keeper

Passwords for corporate systems, passwords for webmail accounts, passwords for sites, online forums and users group. The list just goes on and on.

Today's tech-savvy businessperson has more passwords than important things to do and meetings to attend. And, as any security conscious user knows, it's good practice not to reuse the same password for different accounts.

From a security standpoint, the more passwords, the better.

That's where KeePass for BlackBerry comes in. The application is a mobile sibling of the popular KeePass Password Safe for desktop computers, and it's an open source alternative to the default RIM Password Keeper that comes pre-installed on newer BlackBerry devices.

The BlackBerry-specific version was written from scratch to take advantage of the unique RIM user interface feature, and it's locked with one master password so you need only remember a single login for access to all your passwords. The application databases are encrypted using the AES and Twofish algorithms for added security. And, because it's open source, you can peek at the full source code to, say, check if the encryption algorithms are correctly implemented.

Berry Bloglines

We've included mobile RSS reader apps in our previous free BlackBerry downloads articles, but never an open source RSS app such as Berry Bloglines.

The app can be downloaded OTA or via PC and was created by the same folks behind Beyond411.

The program imports users' existing Bloglines RSS reader account feeds, and unlike some common RSS apps, it offers not only short summaries of content within feeds but lets users read full articles without clicking to separate pages. It also integrates with Google's mobile-content reformatting service so external pages reached via Berry Bloglines are optimised for mobile device screens. And once you've checked out a story via BlackBerry, it's marked as read in your desktop Bloglines interface.

Despite its RIM-specific name, Berry Bloglines works on any web-enabled smartphone.

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