If you've already bought an iPhone 3G, then no doubt you'll have tried a handful of new applications for the handset such as Super Monkey Ball.

But having forked out for a new contract just to get your hands on the coverted device, you may be encouraged to spend another small fortune to install apps on it. Fear not, we've rounded up 16 useful apps that can be downloaded for free. All of the apps were tested on a first generation iPhone that has been upgraded with version 2.0 software, and we've deliberately steered clear of location-based apps such as Loopt and Whrrl because like us you probably value privacy.

AirMe and Exposure

One of a few Flickr front-ends for the iPhone, AirMe outdoes Exposure (another free iPhone app for Flickr) by allowing you to upload pics directly from your iPhone to your Flickr account. Results are instantaneous: you snap a pic with your iPhone camera, AirMe geotags it (if you want it to), and it's on your Flickr page within a minute. On the other side of the fence, Exposure lets you browse your Flickr photosets, see photos that have been taken close to your current location (again, if you want it to), and basically presents an iPhone-friendly front end to Flickr. It did crash a few times during testing, however.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Finally, a chat app built for the iPhone. The iPhone AIM client worked like a charm straight away, but has been crashing a lot ever since. When it works, it gives you access to your AOL Instant Messenger buddy lists, letting you 'OMG', 'LOL' and 'BRB' your commute time away. Is an iPhone-friendly version of Yahoo Messenger hot on the trail of this mobile IM app? Let's hope so.

AOL Radio

This app offers iPhone users access to more than 350 American radio stations covering everything from sports to news and music. The audio-streaming app works staggeringly well but is sadly only available in the US.


The free SportsTap app gives you instant access to all live sports, not just those popular in the US, you can even get F1 racing, PGA golf and FA Premiership and UEFA details. Although if you are into Baseball, the app lets you tap into the statistical database of baseball history. It's a must-have app for any baseball aficionado.

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