We've rounded up the 16 best BlackBerry browser shortcuts, ensuring your can browse the web from your smartphone quicker and more efficiently.

BlackBerrys have hundreds of built-in keyboard shortcuts that ensure your smartphone can be more efficient by helping you to navigate your device and data, as well as the web, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In fact, your BlackBerry is literally packing hundreds of 'hidden' tips and tricks. Today, I'm offering up a list of keyboard shortcuts specific to the BlackBerry browser.

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I'm sharing tricks for rapid movement around a web page; one-click access to a variety of browser options; a page-wide search function; a tip to instantly enable JavaScript for individual web pages, and much more.

Read on to see a side of your BlackBerry browser that you never knew existed.

Note: Some of these tips and tricks may not work on devices without full qwerty keyboards, suh the Pearl 81xx and 82xx series, as well as the BlackBerry Storm. I tested them all using a BlackBerry Bold 9000 running OS v4.6.0.228 and a Curve 8900 on OS v5.0.0.90.

BlackBerry Browser keyboard shortcuts

To jump instantly to the very top or bottom or a web page within your BlackBerry browser, simply click the 'T' button to move all the way up or the 'B' key to shift to the bottom.

Page up, page down in BlackBerry Browser

To jump down a page length in the BlackBerry Browser, simply hit the Space key. Do so repeatedly to quickly move down a page. On the flip side, you can 'page up' by holding a Shift key and then clicking Space.

This is a great way to reduce wear and tear on your BlackBerry's trackball - though replacement trackballs, in a rainbow of colours, aren't exactly hard to come by or install.

Return to your BlackBerry home page with one click

The simplest and fastest way to surf to your home page via BlackBerry Browser: click your 'H' key while on another page. Note: Modify your BlackBerry home page by hitting Menu - directly to the left of your trackball - and choosing Options, then Browser Configuration.

On the following screen, scroll down to the Home Page Address field and enter in the correct URL for your new home page.

Display browser options with a single click

Open up your BlackBerry Browser Options by hitting the 'S' key while on any web page.

Zoom in, out on a web page

To zoom in on a page while using the BlackBerry Browser, click 'I'. to zoom back out, hit 'O'.

Refresh a web page

To refresh any page in your BlackBerry Browser, click the 'R' key. To stop a page refresh, hit your Escape key.

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