The Apple iTunes app store offers a host of programs that can do everything from turning your iPhone into a gaming console and a TV remote to software that helps your scout out the best restaurants.

But for every useful app, there's also a fairly pointless one. I hate to be a party pooper, but let's face it: dodgy apps are becoming commonplace on the iPhone.

So which are the worst of the worst? Narrowing them down was tough, but we've dug up 15 of the most painfully pointless and just plain dumb programs the App Store has to offer. We're counting only apps that are currently available - selections that have been banned are another story altogether.

1. FatBurner2k

If you're too lazy to eat right and work out, FatBurner2K is just the app for you - provided, that is, that you're also incredibly gullible.

FatBurner 2K claims to "turn your iPhone into the gym that works on your terms". (Those terms, we assume, are watching Jeremy Kyle while stuffing your face.)

FatBurner's secret: The app makes your iPhone vibrate. Apparently, that tiny vibration, placed upon your massive belly, will magically transform you from Mr Jiggles to Mr McConaughey.

On the plus side, that's 59p you won't be spending on a bar of Dairy Milk.

2. Hair Clinic for Man and Woman

Your iPhone holds the power to keeping your hair looking good. Hair Clinic For Man and Woman claims to be the "world's first mobile hair clinic system". Its makers say the app generates inaudible frequencies that "promote blood circulation around hair root.." All you have to do is move the handset around your scalp while the app sends the frequencies.

If you actually pay £2.39 for this thing, you deserve all the strange looks you'll get for rubbing your shiny phone on your shiny (and, sorry, still balding) head.

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