Apple's iTunes App store offers not only fun apps for the iPhone, its also offers tools aimed at IT professionals. So if you want to use your iPhone or iPod touch to monitor and control other systems or to satisfy other geek needs, check out our round-up of the 10 best techie iPhone apps.

Cydia PwnageTool

Cydia, the package manager for jailbreak apps, is the very model of a major modern manager. It's slick and quick, and it installs apps and updates faster than Apple's App store. You do need to jailbreak your iPhone to use Cydia or any of the unofficial iPhone apps, but this is where it all starts. Download Cydia and jailbreak instructions free here.


MobileTerminal is the OS X terminal app for the iPhone. It's a native shell running right on the device, complete with gesture controls, macros, and more. I use this app constantly to SSH into servers, run ping tests from the iPhone, and anything else I might need to do from a standard shell. It's the reason why I'm still using my iPhone and its free through Cydia.


This is actually two packages, both available free via Cydia on jailbroken iPhones. OpenSSH provides the SSH client and server, and ToggleSSH provides a quick method of enabling/disabling the SSH server. Copying content to and from my iPhone with a simple scp command is terribly handy.


Yet another jailbreak app, NES is a Nintendo emulator. When paired with a collection of NES ROMs, this app allows you to play Super Mario Brothers, Paperboy, and any other original game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The controls can be a little hard to get used to, but as far as the geek factor goes, this has it in spades. Its also available free through Cydia.

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