PocketGems, the developer behind the Tap Zoo mobile app, has slammed claims by Virgin Media Business that the game is one of the most data hungry available today.

According to research by the business ISP earlier this month that looked at the top 50 free mobile apps, Tap Zoo - a mobile game that lets users build a safari park - uses 9.6MB of data in just five minutes and 115 MB in an hour, meaning this app consumes 75,579 percent more data than the least data-hungry app in the top 50, which uses a mere 13kb in a five minute period.

However, Pocket Gems disputes these figures.

"We wanted to let you know that their data is simply wrong," said a spokeswoman for Pocket Gems.

"The maximum amount of data transferred by playing all the way through to the highest level of Pocket Gems' Tap Zoo is less than 70MB. There are 50 total levels in the game and for a reference point, it typically takes the average player 2 months to reach level 20."

A spokesman for Virgin Media Business revealed the ISP used an iPhone 4 and switched off all other applications, including email, during its research "to ensure that they would not impact the cellular data consumption figures".

"We then reset the cellular network data usage figures before using each application for a five minute period. After the five minutes were up we noted down the figures for each application."

The ISP said that when testing the app, it used all features including social network integration and social gaming elements.

"Whilst we acknowledge that different tests with different equipment may yield different results, when we repeated our original test, we found that data consumption figures came out at the same rate," the ISP added.