Smartphone With all the Apple-bashing lately, you might imagine that Apple iPhone users are less than thrilled with their smartphones. Not so, according to a new survey.

The RBC/IQ poll found that 99 percent of iPhone 3GS owners were satisfied with it, and 82 percent said they were "very satisfied". That's not a backlash, that's a love fest.

Market researcher RBC/IQ ChangeWave's poll of iPhone 3GS owners had 200 respondents. The results, first reported by Apple Insider, show a marked contrast between the average consumer's affection for the iPhone and the griping from industry insiders and some software developers about Apple's admittedly heavy-handed tactics, including its rejection of the Google Voice iPhone app, ostensibly to protect AT&T, the iPhone's exclusive US carrier.

However, while US iPhone 3GS owners may be crazy about their handsets, they're not thrilled with AT&T, which they've slammed for charging hefty fees while delivering mediocre-to-poor service.

When asked what they disliked about the iPhone, 55 percent of respondents said the AT&T network. Other turn-offs include 41 percent reporting that the iPhone 3GS's battery life is too short; while 8 percent complained that their employer's IT department doesn't support the device.

The 3GS did better than the last two versions of the iPhone, which earned favorable reviews from 73 percent of respondents.

Some industry analysts have claimed that the Apple backlash has been blown out of proportion. The results of the RBC/IQ ChangeWave survey certainly lend credence to that argument.

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