Just over a third (35 percent) of adult Brits use a smartphone, which is just two percent up on the previous quarter indicating smartphone growth has stalled, says YouGov.

A study by the research organisation revealed only 14 percent of smartphone owners are over 55 but nearly half (48 percent) of Brits that use a handset that’s not classed a s a smartphone are in the same age group.

Furthermore, more men (59 percent) compared to women (41 percent) use smartphones, with brands such as HTC and Nokia gaining more appeal with males rather than females. However, more BlackBerrys are sold to women than men while devices from Apple and Samsung appeal to both genders equally.

A third of Brits that own a ‘standard’ phone admitted they plan to upgrade to a smartphone they next time they purchase a device. Nearly half of these are women and 24 percent are aged over 55.

“The challenge for the industry is to better explain the benefits of smartphone ownership to current rejecters, notably older age groups and women,” said Russell Feldman from YouGov.

“Apple has highlighted that a tech product can achieve high take up with any demographic if the proposition resonates with them. Smartphone brands and retailers need to focus more on these groups, otherwise going forward, they will be dependent on selling new smartphones to existing smartphone owners looking to upgrade”.