Watching your home TV remotely on a Honeycomb Android tablet is now a bit easier with the release of Sling Media's SlingPlayer for Android Tablets. The new app allows Honeycomb tablet users to connect their Android slates to a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD place-shifting set-top box to watch home television while on the go. The app is available in the Android Market for $30 and requires a tablet running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or later.

Previously, Android tablet users had to make due with the SlingPlayer Android smartphone app. That relegated tablet users to viewing video tailored for smaller, 4-inch smartphone screens as opposed to 7- or 10-inch tablet displays. Sling Media didn't mention any resolution specs for the new tablet app, only that the new Android tablet software can take advantage of the higher resolution and better video capabilities found in Honeycomb devices.

The company also said it added features to its Honeycomb app that it hadn't been able to do with other tablet and phone apps. The biggest change is its new remote feature, which creates a replica of your home television remote on the tablet screen. You can then work the virtual remote just as you normally would to change channels and so on. It's not clear how vast SlingPlayer's virtual remote selection is or whether the app will be able to show your exact remote or just something that closely resembles the remote you have at home.

Sling Media's new Android app also features a redesigned programming guide that appears as a slightly transparent overlay so you can continue to watch TV (at least in a limited fashion) while you scan the guide. As with Sling Media's other mobile apps, the programming guide includes your regular television listings, DVR recordings, and the ability to set favorite channels for easier access.

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