Samsung Galaxy S5 icons Unpacked 5

We're less than two weeks away from an expected Galaxy S5 launch and Samsung has teased software for the flagship smartphone. See our: Samsung Unpacked 5: Galaxy S5 launch live. UPDATE: see our first Galaxy S5 review, plus: Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, specs & price.

Samsung has announced its Unpacked 2014 Episode 1 event where the Galaxy S5 is thought to be unveiled. Now the Korean tech giant has sent out another invite to the occasion showing off TouchWiz software icons. See also: Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, price, rumours, new features and leaked images.

The nine icons shown are speed, outdoor, curiosity, fun, social, style, privacy, fitness and life. All of the icons have a little to the power of five, further hinting at the Galaxy S5 launch. It's unclear what some of these app, such as curiosity and style will do, if they are all indeed apps which will appear on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 homescreen

Interestingly, they match the style of the recently leaked Galaxy S5 homescreen which uses the same style, colours and font. It showed a card style system looking something like Google Now (above).

The event is also known as 'Unpacked 5' which suggests the successor to the popular Galaxy S4 will be announced.

If Samsung does decide to unveil the Galaxy S5 at MWC (mobile world congress), it will be a break from tradition. The Galaxy S3 was announced in London and the Galaxy S4 in New York. Both at individual Apple-style events purely for those devices.

We'll be there in Barcelona to see what Samsung has got to show off, so make sure you join us. It is thought that the Galaxy S5 will arrive with mini and Zoom versions, following suit after the Galaxy S4.

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