Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser image official

Samsung has posted an image of the Galaxy S4 smartphone's design on Twitter ahead of its launch.

Before you get too excited, Samsung hasn't shown off much of the Galaxy S4 before its proper unveiling on Thursday, 14 March in New York. The teaser, posted by Samsung Mobile US just shows the top of the phone. Follow and watch the launch here: Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: live.

Samsung Mobile US said: "The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun. Who’s ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?"

If this is what the Galaxy S4 smartphone looks like, then it seems it will have an extremely similar shape and design to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. This is despite many rumours and suggestions that the Galaxy S4 will have a square look akin to the Galaxy S2.

It looks very much like the photos of the Galaxy S4 which were leaked yesterday. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, specs and rumours.

Samsung also released a second teaser video for the Galaxy S4 yesterday. Unfortunately, like the first in the Unpacked 2013 series, it doesn't give much away about the highly anticipated Android flagship smartphone.

The teaser video, below, once again features Jeremy the 'secret messenger of Samsung Unpacked 2013. Essentially a school kid who has been given the task of looking after the Galaxy S4 until it's revealed on Thursday.

Apart from plenty of cheesy lines and cringe worthy acting, Jeremy has a good couple of peeks at the Galaxy S4. "It's my favourite colour" he says, hinting that the Galaxy S4 could come in multiple colour options. Or his favourite colour is black or white, the rumoured colours for the Galaxy S4.

All will be fully revealed by Samsung on Thursday. We'll be bringing you live coverage of the Galaxy S4 launch so be sure to join us later this week.

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