Samsung will release the Galaxy S4 Active in Australia later this year, the company has confirmed. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review.

The Galaxy S4 Active is a water and dust resistant Android smartphone that was officially announced last week.

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The device is rated to IP67 standards and will survive being submerged in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

Samsung Australia has confirmed that it plans to release the Galaxy S4 Active in Australia "later this year" but has not provided any further information.

"Following the global announcement this week, Samsung Electronics Australia is excited to confirm the arrival of the Galaxy GS4 Active in Australia later this year.

We will share more information around local availability of this latest addition to the Galaxy GS4 range soon."

The Galaxy S4 Active is a variant of the regular Galaxy S4. The device is taller, wider and just over 20g heavier than the original.

It has physical shortcut buttons on the front, and uses a TFT touchscreen rather than the Super AMOLED panel of its counterpart.

The Galaxy S4 Active's camera has also been downgraded from 13-megapixels to 8-megapixels, though the presence of an "Aqua Mode" allows users to capture underwater photos and videos.

The Galaxy S4 Active is expected to work on Australian 1800MHz 4G networks used by Telstra, Optus and in the near future, Vodafone.