Samsung Galaxy S4 plastic

That right, rumours have started emerging surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and kicking things off is that it will supposedly use a metal casing. See our: Samsung Unpacked 5: Galaxy S5 launch live.

One of the biggest complaints about the already popular Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it uses a plastic design and casing. As reviews and consumers have pointed out, this doesn't look great against many of its rivals in the smartphone market. The iPhone 5HTC One, Nokia Lumia 925 and Sony Xperia Z all use glass and/or aluminium as their main materials.

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If you're going to spend shed loads of cash on a shiny new phone then you want it to look and feel good. Well according to Android Geeks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be part of Samsung's 'Design 3.0' ethos.

This means that it will be getting an aluminium body so that it can compete better in the design and build area. The information comes from a 'trusted source close to the South Korean phone maker'.

It's already been rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will use a metal body so perhaps that device is also part of the Design 3.0 collection. See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to use metal design due to HTC One.

Samsung has already said a plastic design and build means that a high volume of device can be manufactured and shipped, implying that a metal alternative could result in stock shortages.

However, Apple, for example, doesn't seem to have a problem in this area. When devices get 'sold out' it is most likely that a limited number of units are available very deliberately to create demand and give a bigger impression of popularity.

Now the rumour mill has started turning on the Samsung Galaxy S5 we're sure that plenty more information will emerge over the coming weeks and months. We'll let you know as soon as we hear the next one.

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