Samsung Galaxy S5 homescreen

A leaked screenshot of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5's homescreen suggests the software will look like Google Now. See our: Samsung Unpacked 5: Galaxy S5 launch live.

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The image, courtesy of evleaks, shows two tiled based screens which give the kind of information which Google Now already does. It looks like users will be able to get information on everything that is going on around them. See also: New Samsung Galaxy S5 UK release date, rumours, new features and leaked images.

Each tile of the interface is dedicated to a different piece of information or notification – such as a text message, an upcoming flight, a package being delivered and upcoming dinner reservations. It's also showing details from fitness activities, items purchased, weather, sports scores and suggestions like concert tickets.

For Google to provide this data, you give it access to your web searches, gmail and location but it's unclear whether Samsung would tap into this or use another method. It wouldn't be a surprise if it wanted its own access to what you get up to on your smartphone.

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We can't confirm if this will be part of the Galaxy S5's software but it seems likely considering how similar it looks to the Magazine UX of the new Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro tablets. There's also the fact that evleaks is very accurate with its leaks.

According to Phone Arena, the Galaxy S5 will launch complete with a plastic, not metal, body, a 20Mp camera, a 2K QHD screen and a "state of the art iris sensor and wide range of health accessories".

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Samsung Galaxy S5 homescreen