Samsung Galaxy S5 Galaxy Gifts

If you're not quite sure whether the Galaxy S5 is the right smartphone for you, Samsung is sweetening the deal with more than $500 worth of free content. See also: Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on review: No leap for Samsung in smartphone innovation.

If you missed it, Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 smartphone last week and has decided to give away free apps and content to tempt you. Samsung calls 'Galaxy Gifts' a selection of 'meaningful rewards' including 'free, long-term subscriptions and premium services'. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S5 comparison review.

The Galaxy S5 will come with all sorts of feebies including $10 of in-game credit for hit game, Cut the Rope 2 and a six month subscription to Wall Street Journal worth a whopping $160.

Samsung Galaxy Gifts

Other deals are a one year premium subscription to RunKeeper and Lark, 50GB of storage on Box for six months, three months premium service on Evernote, $5 coupons on EasilyDo Pro and Blurb, a one year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek + and six months premium service on Map My Fitness.

More offers ralate to PayPal, LinkedIn, Skimble, Bitcasa and Flick Dat. Read: Galaxy S5 price and where to buy in the UK.

The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1in Full HD screen inside a dust- and water-resistant design which has a heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, 16Mp camera and a 2.5GHz processor. See also: Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, price and specs.

It's not a giant leap from the Galaxy S4 but it will no doubt sell well once it hits the shops on 11 April (after the new HTC One 'M8' has been unveiled). Samsung hasn't announced a price for the new flagship yet but retails have it pegged at £550 currently. 

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