A video posted on YouTube shows hands-on with Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

We're just two days away from the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch and as if there hasn't been enough leaked information, now we have a hands-on video showing the smartphone. It appears to be from the same user which posted leaked photos yesterday. Follow and watch the launch here: Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: live.

While the production of the video is amateur – it's filmed in portrait mode for starters – we get to see the battery being put in, rear cover clicked into place and the Galaxy S4 booted up. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, specs and rumours.

We then get to see some parts of the Samsung Galaxy S4's TouchWiz user interface including the camera, homescreen, dialler, app menu and settings. What is slightly strange about the Galaxy S4 in the video is that it has a white rear cover but a black front facia.

The text accompanying the video simply says: "This is a Chinese Carrier Version, supports Dual SIM, similar to the Galaxy Note 2 Chinese version."

Before you get too excited, the device shown in the video is believed to be a test prototype of the Galaxy S4 for Chinese mobile network Unicom. The model number shown is GT-I9502 rather than GT-I9005. So this version might not be the final model for China, let alone the UK.

It's worth pointing out, though, that the design and shape of this handset matches very closes that of the Galaxy S4 teaser image which Samsung posted on Twitter. It looks surprisingly like a bigger version of the Galaxy S3.

Bizarrely, the video seems to have some kind of promotional video for Apple's iPad mini in the background which can be heard over the microphone.

Samsung will finally put all the rumours and speculation in the past when it announces the Galaxy S4 on Thursday, 14 March. Make sure you join us for all the Galaxy S4 news, specs, price, release date and more as it happens.

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