Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung tonight launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S4 details, including Galaxy S4 specs, UK price and availability, Galaxy S4 images, and a video of the Galaxy S4 launch event. We've also got details on the Galaxy S4's new features, and Galaxy S4 new software features.

Galaxy S4 launch information

Samsung has finally taken the wraps off its Galaxy S4 smartphone which has a Full HD screen and an 8-core processor, as expected. Here are all the details of the S4 launch. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in UK.

Galaxy S4 specs

Samsung has launched its new flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4. While Samsung focuses a lot of its energy on producing great unique software for its S range, it's fair to say that the Korean tech giant also likes to equip its S smartphones with top of the range specs too. Here is where we take a look at the official Samsung Galaxy S4 specs.

Galaxy S4 UK price and availability

So the Galaxy S4 has been officially announced, and will be available in the UK for April 26. Here are the latest details on network availability and UK price for the Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 images

This page is for you to take a look at the official Galaxy S4 images and design from every angle.

Video of Galaxy S4 launch

Watch the Galaxy S4 launch as it happened. Or scroll down to read our LiveBlog of the Galaxy S4 launch.

Galaxy S4 new features

Here’s where we take a look at some of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s new features.

Galaxy S4 new software features

The new Samsung smartphone will hit the UK on April 26th. Alongside multiple hardware upgrades, Samsung announced a series of new software features that are intended to take the S4 to the top of the smartphone tree. Here are details of the new software for Samsung Galaxy S4.