Samsung is rumoured to be prepping a smaller version of its Galaxy S3 smartphone, a Galaxy S3 Mini with smaller screen and much, much cheaper.

Even market-leader Apple is now being drawn into a smartphone fight that Samsung is calling the shots on: device variety and choice of size and price point.

The South Korean tech giant, currently at war with Apple in the courts over patent and copying claims, is planning to fight the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 with at least two new smartphones, say rumours: a Galaxy SIII Mini and a Galaxy SII Plus (of which there are no specifications available right now), as well as a new version of its Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini version rumours

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison review

The Galaxy S3 Mini is rumoured to have a smaller Super AMOLED screen than the current S3: 4 inches, compared to the S3’s 4.8-inch screen.

It is also said to boast a 5-megapixel camera and dual-core processor.

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The main weapon for its fight with Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 – strongly hinted to be announced on September 12 and launched on September 21 – will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini’s price tag of just £250, compared to the S3’s £500 SIM-free price.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus could cost around £300.

This would give Samsung a wide variety of Android smartphones boasting AMOLED screens, at most price points: Galaxy Note II (£599); Galaxy S III (£499); Galaxy S II Plus (£299); Galaxy S III Mini (£249).

Apple is expected to release a smaller version of its iPad tablet, an iPad mini, in response to the popularity of 7-inch tablets such as the Google Nexus, reviewed.

Previously Apple had been aloof about the need for a 7-inch tablet, but companies such as Samsung and Asus are bringing the variety fight to Apple’s door.

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Analyst Jack Gold, from J. Gold Associates, told TechRadar that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a possibility.

"Could they do it? Of course."

"Samsung obviously needs to worry about the hype cycle - no matter what they would come out with, does it get blown away by the Apple hype cycle?

"Apple's got the same issue," Gold continued. "The reason they're going to come out with the [iPad Mini] is because there are people who want something smaller."

"The problem is the market is so fickle that the phone companies now have to release a phone every three to six months."

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