Samsung Galaxy S3 Black S Beam

Samsung has revealed a black version of its Galaxy S3 smartphone online.

The smartphone and tablet maker has posted pictures of the unannounced edition on Facebook. It's 'Galaxy S III at London 2012 Olympic Games' shows three separate photos with a black S3.

The popular Androidsmartphone is only available to buy in two colours: marble white and pebble blue so the images certainly hint at a third black option. There are also two Olympic editions which come with colourful rear covers.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Smart Stay

We're waiting to hear back from Samsung as to whether this device will actually be released or if the images are merely artistic renders.

The three photos show off different features of the Galaxy S3. One touching the white model is demonstrating S Beam, one taking a photo of an underground train is showing Best Photo and the last, looking at Facebook, represents Smart Stay.

No doubt a black version of the Galaxy S3 would be popular since white and blue do not suit everyone's taste. We'll have to wait and see.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Best Photo