Samsung's recently announced Galaxy Note 2 will start shipping over the next week.

Online retailer Clove announced that it will be shipping the Galaxy Note II to customers next week. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone come tablet hybrid is due to arrive Monday or Tuesday, according to Clove.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Unlocked Mobiles says the Galaxy Note 2 is expected on 28 September which is this Friday. It is advising customers to pre-order as it expects the first batch of handsets to sell out quickly. See also: Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Clove said: "New Samsung behemoth arriving early next week We can confirm that stock of the Samsung Galaxy Note II 16GB is now due to arrive and will begin shipping early next week. The Note II is expected to arrive on Monday/Tuesday and orders will begin shipping shortly thereafter."

Price wise, Clove is the cheaper of the two at £528.00 compared to UnlockedMobiles' £544. Clove also has a "selection of official Note 2 accessories available to order and these are expected to be in stock within 4-6 weeks".

The news comes as a slight surprised since the expected release date was mid-October when the device went up for pre-order.

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