While the Apple iPhone marches on it’s Samsung that is now clear favourite to win the smartphone war, with its second quarter results showing 19 million smartphone shipments and over five million Galaxy S II shipments in its first 85 days.

The smartphone market as a whole continues to grow at a staggering rate. The 103 million smartphones shipped in the second quarter of 2011 represent a year-on-year growth of 62 percent and a quarter-on-quarter growth of 2.2 percent.

ABI Research believes that 47 million Android smartphones were shipped in Q2 giving it 46.4 percent share of Q2 shipments.

Samsung captured 34 percent of Q2’s Android shipments, HTC shipped 23 percent, and Sony Ericsson earned itself 11 percent Android market share with little help from North American shipments.

Earlier this week analysts claimed that Samsung has sold more smartphones in the past three months than Apple and Nokia.

While the annual growth rate outlook appears healthy for the industry Q2 2011 did experience some softness in the market, driven by macro-economic conditions, seasonality and a sharper than expected decline in Nokia’s smartphone business.

Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphones

One-time smartphone leader Nokia tumbled to third place this quarter with 16.7 million devices shipped. Its smartphone market share has plummeted from 38 percent last year and 24 percent last quarter to only 16 percent in Q2.

Driven by the added distribution muscle of Verizon Wireless and China’s growing appetite for premium smartphones, Apple posted record shipments in Q2 of 20.3 million to become the top smartphone OEM after only four years in the business.

But right on the heels of Apple Samsung had an amazing Q2 with approximately 19 million smartphone shipments and over five million Galaxy S II shipments in its first 85 days.

ABI Research Senior Analyst Michael Morgan comments: “Although Apple’s 142 percent YoY growth placed it as number one this quarter, Samsung’s 500 percent YoY growth shows that going forward, the top smartphone OEM position is Samsung’s to lose.”

RIM’s BlackBerry growth in international markets was not enough to offset its decline in North America. RIM shipped 13.2 million BlackBerry smartphones representing an 11 percent QoQ drop.

Motorola shipped 4.4 million smartphones in Q2 as sales into APAC were enough to offset Motorola’s iPhone-induced decline at Verizon Wireless.

HTC continued its rise to the middle with 11.5 million shipments in Q2 and 113 percent growth YoY.