Samsung has failed in its bid to get the Apple iPhone 4S banned in Italy.

According to Bloomberg, Nam Ki Yung, a Seoul-based spokesperson for Samsung, confirmed a court in Milan rejected the tech giant's bid yesterday.

Samsung filed preliminary injunctions against sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in Australia, France, Italy and Japan just days after it went on sale in a number of countries across the world, claiming the device infringes patents held by the Korean tech giant in its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablet PCs that run the Android operating system.

At the time, Samsung claimed Apple had infringed patents related to wireless telecommunications technology, specifically WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) standards for 3G mobile handsets, while in Japan Apple claims the handset infringes its patents on user interfaces.

However, while the Australian hearing is set to take place in March this year, Samsung did not prove successful in France, as last month a French court refused to grant the preliminary injunction.

“We will review the ruling and consider all available measures to further protect our intellectual property rights and stop this free riding on our technology,” Samsung said regarding the court’s decision.

Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in a patent battle for the best part of a year. The fight between the pair has seen legal action regarding patent infringement take place in ten countries across the globe. Samsung triumphed over Australia last month, when it won the right to sell its tablet PC, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the country after Apple accused the Korean tech firm of “slavishly copying” its iPad tablet PC.