RSA president, Amit Yoran, has called for a complete rethink of security in the Asia-Pacific region at the company's conference in Singapore.

The boss of EMC's security division said that as organisations increasingly turn to mobile and Cloud, they need to rethink traditional approaches to cyber defence.

In his speech, Yoran discussed how the rapid growth of mobile and Cloud technologies in Asia represent a boon to the organizations and industries of the region but also a significant threat to their legacy security operations.

Yoran described 2014 as another reminder that organisations were losing the battle with cybercriminals.

"The adversaries are out-maneuvering the industry, out-gunning the industry, and winning by every measure," he said.

Yoran noted that as mobile and Cloud technologies decentralise organizations' digital environments, the perimeter on which traditional cyber defenses are based was disappearing.

"Despite the disappearing perimeter, Asian businesses and businesses around the world continue to rely primarily on perimeter protection technologies like firewalls, anti-virus, and intrusion detection systems to prevent breaches, only to see those tools invariably fail under the onslaught of today's advanced attacks," Yoran said.

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"Compounding that failure is the current practice of relying on SIEM and other signature-based tools that require historical experience to detect advanced threats, which oftentimes have no precedent. This combination of antiquated technologies and misguided practices is the root of the vast majority of today's security failings.

The RSA boss went on to outline his vision of the new approach to security focused on faster detection of and more effective response to cyber threats in a series of five principles.