Research in Motion (RIM) has shown off its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The firm is holding its annual BlackBerry World conference this week in Florida where CEO Thorsten Heins demonstrated the OS. Handsets called the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha were given out to developers to get the ball rolling on apps.

The focus of BlackBerry 10 is a smooth and intuitive interface with good multitasking, taking a lot from the existing PlayBook OS. Heins said: "It's all about the flow." The on-screen keyboard predicts a selection of words you might want to type next for better efficiency and there is a new camera app which can rewind in time.

RIM said: "BlackBerry 10 is being crafted to provide a compelling user experience that is intuitive and extremely responsive, allowing you to instinctively increase your productivity and to stay ultimately connected to all aspects of your life."

RIM will be hoping to regain some market share from Apple and Android makers such as Samsung and HTC. The firm said that BlackBerry 10 is hitting its development goals and is still on track for release later this year.   

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has a 4.2-inch screen with a resolution of 768 x 1280 and connectivity including Wi-Fi, microUSB and microHDMI. This suggests what could be coming on a full consumer handset but RIM was keen to point out that this was a developer prototype only.

RIM said: "This is a prototype device created for the purpose of testing BlackBerry 10 applications during development. Did I mention it’s a prototype?"

The following video shows a preview of what's to come with BlackBerry 10.