O2 and Apple claim the Apple iPhone is ripping up sales records, the ad campaign is in full swing and there's been a raft of generally positive reviews of Apple's hybrid iPod and O2 mobile phone. None of this, however, washes with PC Advisor's hype-resistant readers. Nine out of 10 respondents in a PCA poll will not be buying an Apple iPhone. At least not yet.

Indeed only 4.9 percent of the 793 respondents to PC Advisor's poll intend to buy an Apple iPhone any time soon, although 7.9 percent said they might shell out £269 for a fancy touchscreen phone at some point in the near future.

In total, 87.2 percent of respondents either say they're 'left cold' by the hype surrounding the iPhone, or not interested in this version of Apple's gadget. The really bad news for Apple is that 55.5 percent of voters say they'll never buy an Apple iPhone.

The marginally better news for Apple and O2 is that almost a third of respondents to the PC Advisor poll are interested in purchasing the forthcoming Apple iPhone 2. Presumably when Apple has ironed out the kinks in the original model.

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