A PC Advisor poll of 282 visitors to the site found considerable opposition to the practice of location tracking (smartphones that log people's location in a saved file, for instance). Half of voters said they were 'Totally against it: I won't have anything to do with companies that track my location'.

"With all the surveillance that is around now perhaps George Orwell's book 1984 is slowly becoming fact not fiction!" worried caccy.

A further quarter (26 percent) went for the answer 'I think companies should be more up front about their location-tracking practices'.

"Location tracking is like any other type of data collection," said OTT_B. "It doesn't matter that information is being collected, it matters what information is being collected and what is done with it."

Those in favour (or not strongly against) location-tracking were far less numerous: 13 percent answered 'It doesn't bother me', and 4 percent plumped for 'I'm a bit worried, but the benefits outweigh the costs'.

"As I know that any mobile phone can be tracked and I still use one, no, I'm not bothered," said wiz-king.

"In principle it makes me uncomfortable; in practice I am neither important nor interesting enough to be personally targeted, and I enjoy the benefits," explained Matt Egan, PC Advisor's editor.

The remaining 7 percent voted for 'What's location tracking?' If you're in that camp, read more about the issues here:

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Based on 282 votes, May 2011. Add your vote (and see the results as a pie chart), or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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