At the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona next week, Samsung Electronics will present the latest model in its popular Ultra edition range of mobile phones - the Samsung Soul.

The Soul is a slider-type handset that with an eye-catching touch panel under the display - see the pictures on page 2. The panel displays navigation icons that change according to the current application being run on the handset.

For example, in camera mode icons such as zoom and brightness appear while music player functions appear in music mode.

The quad-band GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) handset supports data downloads of up to 7.2 megabits per second (Mbps) over HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) networks and also has Bluetooth 2.0 wireless networking.

Other features include a 5Mp camera with face detection and image stabiliser, FM radio with Radio Data System (RDS) and a music system based on technology from Bang & Olufsen.

The phone will be available worldwide and will hit Europe in April.

Samsung's Ultra line has proved a hit with style-conscious consumers. All phones in the range emphasise thinness and the new Soul handset is no different at 12.9mm thick.

But it's nowhere near as slim as the Ultra 5.9 handset that Samsung unveiled this time last year in Barcelona. The candy-bar phone, as the name suggests, is just 5.9mm thick.

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