Orange is giving its customers the ability to update their Twitter profile using text messaging.

As well as 'tweeting' from their handset, Orange customers will be able to upload photos to the micro-blogging service by posting their pics to Orange's 'Snapshot' service, which then automatically posts the link in a 'tweet'.

Orange also said the service would allow customers to send direct messages to other Twitter users and choose to receive messages when someone they follow posts a new tweet, as well as at which time they want to receive these alerts.

Orange said it would be free to receive Twitter alerts and tweeting from a handset would either be included in customers' bundles or charged at the usual rate.

Mark Watts Jones, head of product management for Orange UK, said: "We've seen over the last year how Twitter is transforming the dynamics of real-time search and breaking news".

"We're delighted to extend the value of the service by bringing it to mobile, enabling our customers to view and update their Twitter streams and giving them the unique ability to upload photos directly via MMS."

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