New UK Apple iPhone carrier Orange may reconsider its 750MB data download limit in the wake of much criticism for its description of so-called "unlimited" mobile internet browsing and wi-fi.

As reported earlier the new Apple iPhone carrier counts just 750MB in data downloads as "unlimited", where current exclusive iPhone carrier O2 stipulates no actual download limit.

However, according to BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, Orange may backtrack on the "unlimited" limit, although he later stated that it took Orange five hours to clarify its usage policy.

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In his popular Twitter feed Cellan-Jones stated: "Orange have come back - 750mb limit for 3g, separate 750mb for BT Openzone wifi(not yr own). But say may review the policy after 'concern'".

Orange places the wi-fi limit only on data downloaded from BT Openzone, not on data downloaded on other networks.

Orange employee and Twitter user @ConorfromOrange confirmed that "for our new iPhone offers we are using a fair usage policy of 750MB for Mobile data, & 750MB for free Wi-Fi access with our Wi-Fi partner", although he didn't mention that the company might up the fair usage limit.

Orange will likely escape censor on its limit as, according to Cult of Mac, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority said in a ruling earlier this year that an ad for a BlackBerry deal with "unlimited" data that was actually limited to 250MB/month was not in breach of its codes.

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Many potential Orange iPhone customers have been complaining about the 750MB limit.

On Twitter @Ryowxyz moaned: "So.. its unlimited, until you hit 750MB... than you cant use it anymore... I'm pretty sure thats very LIMITED...".

@Domoconnor tweeted: "If unlimited means 750mb/month I'd hate to see what limited is like".

@robpickup joined in: "Orange. iPhone. 'Unlimited' data. What a load of old pony. 750MB is nothing these days."

@dacary: "Not impressed by Orange's iPhone offering. 750Mb data cap access 3G and Wi-Fi! I hope Vodafone's deal is better."

Twitter user @MattHogan cried out against Orange's iPhone bias, as his Orange HTC Hero smartphone has an even smaller 500MB "unlimited" limit.