By 2030 it will be hard to refer to any region in Kenya as "remote". This is possible when the country achieves its set vision 2030 gaols. As the country makes progress to middle -- income status through these development plans, it is expected to have met its Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Part of these eight internationally agreed goals for Kenya's social economic development includes improvement of health, lowering HIV/AIDS, major disease incidence and having better partnerships with international development partners. Orange Kenya has joined forces with Text for Change and mPedigree in using mobile telephony to provide health communication and research.

Text for Change (TTC) is a Dutch NGO that combines the increased growth of mobile telephoney with the need for better health projects. Through mHealth system application, TTC extends channels of health communication to other NGOs. Using the Orange network, TTC will use SMS communication to assess mobile phone users on their health knowledge.

Then next step is to refer them for HIV testing, prevention and treatment clinics and then provide information on services in local areas. The use of mobile phones has been an effective tool for educating the masses on health matters, it has encouraged testing & drug compliance and also encourages them of the available options they can use.

Through this partnership with Text to Change, Orange will provide the technical support for healthcare -- related operations in the countries across Africa where Orange is present.

Text for Change has launched one such a campaign in Cameroon to increase awareness of child exploitation practises. This application runs on Orange databases due to its presence. Parallel to this, a free SMS reporting system set up will allow people to report cases of child abuse anonymously.

Running on the telecommunication landscape, mPedigree on the other had will enable people in the deepest remote areas of the country to check the authenticity of drugs they use. This works towards achiving the MDGs by having a healthy nation and work force.

Applications used in mobile phones have emerged as one of the strong frontiers of growth in the ICT sector. Vision 2030 goals encourages eDevelopment, mHealth is consistent with the country's innovative agenda to touch more lives using mobile phone technology.

In addition to this, Orange already partnered with Qualcomm and Dell in such a project "Wireless Reach", an initiative that helps to manage health facilities.The agreement between these companies will help people to access "Click diagnosis" services on their mobile phones. They will be able to get immediate response on the nearest clinics, availability of drugs and physicians on locations. Through mHealth, patients will save time by getting digitized X-rays send over to their physicians, who diagonize and prescribe appropriate medication. Scarce resources and expertise can also be shared on this platform for example radiologists.