Android's biggest blessing--and its curse--are the wealth of smartphones you can choose from. Some of them don't even run Google's version of Android, but it's nice to have that option--right?

Your options are about to get even better. OnePlus, the startup manufacturer that teamed up with Cyanogen late last year, announced on it Google+ profile that it will release its first smartphone sometime in the next quarter. OnePlus' primary strategy is to help distribute CyanogenMod, Cyanogen's forked version of Android that promises it's even better than the OS you're using now. The plan is to help the company increase its global marketshare and spread the word on this severely tweaked version of Android. Currently, the Oppo N1 is the only phone that features CyanogenMod right out of the box.

The One smartphone will launch internationally first. There's no word on when the handset would hit the US, or if there are intentions to bring it here this year. All we've heard so far is that they've partnered with Cyanogen to be its main hardware distributor. Curiously, OnePlus has also filed for a trademark on the name One+, which likely caused HTC some headaches. 

Regardless, we'll keep watching this news and let you know when--and if--the CyanogenMod-powered OnePlus ever makes it to our shores.