Seventeen percent of Amercan adults are interested in buying an iPhone. Harris Interactive surveyed 1,116 adults aged 18-years or more across the US in mid-February. Its findings confirm that Apple's launch hype has generated a huge amount of interest in its iPhone.

"Although iPhone is not yet a household word, 47 percent of respondents were aware of the product and a full 17 percent expressed interest in purchasing it, which makes for a pretty loud buzz from consumers for a product that isn't yet available," Harris Interactive observed.

Harris Interactive's Technology Practice vice president, Joseph Porus, said, "Apple's new iPhone has shaken the industry to its core. Look for strong sales and a cult to develop around the iPhone.

"Also expect increased orders for midnight oil as competitors scramble to play catch-up."

To make it more interesting, the poll also found that 9 percent of the 17 percent of US adults interested in acquiring an iPhone are likely to buy an iPhone on the day it is launched. An additional 8 percent (of that 17 per cent) will move to an iPhone when their current mobile contract expires.

An additional 25 percent of respondents would buy an iPhone if it's ever made available through their carrier, while 40 percent of potential purchasers won't buy an iPhone until the price falls.

The survey confirmed that storage is the focus for consumers investing in this emerging breed of device, with 37 percent of respondents calling storage the most important iPhone feature.

iPhone quad-band worldwide capabilities were favoured by 36 percent, while the device's Mac OS X-based interface was rated as most important by 31 percent of the sample group.

According to the CIA World Factbook, 67.2 per cent of the US population is aged between 15 and 64 years old.

Apple is aiming to sell 10 million iPhones within the first year of release.