O2 has joined forces with Telmap to offer its customers access to navigation services and maps.

O2 customers that have a GPS-enabled handset will have access to a free 14-day trial of the Telmap app that offers 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic alerts and also an alternative route option that avoids users being stuck in traffic jams.

O2 also revealed that relevant content such as restaurant listings and event ticketing will be available to customer using the app.

Once the 14-day trial is up, users will be able to incorporate the Telmap subscription costs, which will start from £3.50 per month, into their monthly phone bill.

"We have worked closely with Telmap to build a service wrap around the application which we believe will offer the best customer experience. Navigation is fast becoming one of the most popular mobile services and we look forward to bringing this leading application to our customers," said Peter Rampling, O2's marketing director.

The Telmap app will be available on new handsets from the autumn. Alternatively, users with existing compatible handsets will be able to download the app.

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