I try my best to live a good and honest life. I don't have any secrets from anyone, and I don't like people to keep secrets from me.

And if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

Anyone who is up to something dodgy can sign up to this new service from Staellium that can make your incriminating text messages just 'disappear'.

Now, I know that this is a family site – and I mean 'family' more in the Julie Andrews sense than the Al Pacino one – but believe me, there could actually be legitimate uses for this service. Say, for example, that you want to buy someone a surprise present this Christmas but you don't know what to buy. You send a text to their nearest and dearest, they'll read the text and in 40 seconds' time it'll have disappeared from their phone – no chance of anyone who shouldn't see the message reading it.

If you're wanting to use this service to carry on some kind of illicit love affair, on the other hand, then that's no business of mine. But shame on you anyway.

And if you think StealthText might help you avoid a Paris Hilton-type hacking mishap, then sorry, but it won't. It is only designed to stop recipients forwarding or sharing the messages.

Still, good excuse for a (family-friendly) picture of Paris herself, eh?