Nokia Music+

Nokia has announced Music+, a subscription-based music streaming service to rival Spotify.

Music+ will launch as a £3.99 per month upgrade to the existing free Nokia Music and will take on the likes of Spotify. Nokia said Music+ will be available for its Lumia smartphones in the first quarter of the year. See also: Nokia Lumia 920 review.

Jyrki Rosenberg, vice president of Entertainment at Nokia, said, "By removing barriers like adverts and sign-ins, Nokia Music makes it easy for users to discover and enjoy music on the go. Nokia Music+ now provides increased control over the listening experience at half the cost of many third party services."

For £3.99 per month, Nokia Music+ users will be able to download tracks for offline listening, gain unlimited track skipping and access lyrics for 'many tracks'. It also adds the option for higher quality audio over Wi-Fi and the ability to listen on other devices including PCs and tablets.

The price undercuts Spotify which offers an Unlimited package for £4.99 and a Premium package for £9.99. Nokia Music will continue to be a free service with no adverts if users don't wish to upgrade for the extra features.

Rob Wells, president of Global Digital Business at Universal Music, said: "Nokia has been in music for longer than most device manufacturers. Its commitment to music is genuine and its music products are really working for consumers. I'm very excited by the new functionality and curation offered in its service upgrades, these new elements really help Nokia differentiate from its competition."

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